CASIO test the entire retail, open digital transformation

In 2015, should Lianping thought also has undergone great changes, from that the Internet is the opposite, that is the electricity supplier to grab the business, to accept the new consumer shopping habits, open online stores, to how to integrate online and offline channels under consideration. Hangzhou is located in the lakeside intime department store inside the CASIO channel wisdom stores is a fusion of multiple channels to lianping. Digital applications in CASIO stores include interactive games, experiential shopping and behavioral analysis of three parts. Interactive games to help stores to attract consumers, store drainage; experiential shopping mainly rely on a high-definition interactive shopping screen show in front of consumers; and based on multi contact consumer channels, CASIO realized the consumer behavior data collection, more accurate consumer insight provides the basis for decision making. With the help of this series of digital applications, this CASIO shop, the replica watches uk daily passenger traffic has reached 300 people, the monthly order volume of only single, monthly sales of up to 200 thousand of the total number of customers in the market, the number of orders for the month of the year, the number of orders for the monthly sales of up to more than and 200. Should Lianping is very excited to let such performance of data analysis, such as the Internet technology of intense interest. The rise of the full channel retail Intel driven digital transformation of the retail industry The rise of the full channel retail Intel driven digital transformation of the retail industry "The true meaning of the entire retail channel will not separate online and offline consumers, at any time, any place can get a consistent shopping experience, perceived Wuxi environmental science and technology limited company marketing director Li Gang said:" in the shop, the customer in HD interactive browsing hundreds of watches, large screen view information complete payment orders. If you do not immediately buy, you can also collect the goods for the next single. At present, this shop has about 35% orders for purchase orders. It is worth noting that, in this case, the customer is purchased through the online channel, but you can still choose to store to try and pick up; for shop for, the performance is still belong to the store, to ensure that the enthusiasm of the sales clerk". The rise of the full channel retail Intel driven digital transformation of the retail industry The rise of the full channel retail Intel driven digital transformation of the retail industry Big data rely on video analysis, Wifi probe technology and other things as well as the background of the analysis platform, CASIO smart stores can accurately know the rolex replica situation, their understanding of the various shelves, the degree of concern and regional store thermodynamic diagram, to provide decision-making basis of store management. The rise of the full channel retail Intel driven digital transformation of the retail industry Digital to traditional retail competitiveness In the CASIO store in the deployment of creative wisdom, perception and Intel close cooperation, the use of mobile Internet, the latest big data, cloud computing and networking technology, a strong impetus for the "new retail". Based on Intel hardware infrastructure and data analysis capabilities, users achieve the ability to attract customers, enhance the consumer experience, while enhancing the ability of consumer insight and precision marketing. Intel architecture standardized hardware and software solutions to help CASIO stores to achieve rapid deployment. The powerful computing capability, supports real-time data capture, storage and analysis, "Li Gang said," in the future, we will work with Intel depth, optimizing the overall framework of replica watches hardware and software, through the production of "standardization, get that scheme, help retail users rapid deployment, quickly realize business value". The transformation of the retail industry, whether it is the concept of change or business model innovation, consumer centric nature will not change. In the future, the competitiveness of retail enterprises is not the price, commodity, marketing, but the insight into the customer and the ability to analyze the data". Turning to the future development, should even said: "we have a" plan hundreds of stores, "would this deployment scheme is extended to other stores. At the same time, we also believe that this attempt is only the beginning of our new retail transformation. The future, CASIO hope that with Intel, chuangsi perception that focused on the technological innovation of enterprises continued cooperation, by the digital trend, the retail industry will more imagination into reality".